3 Ton Evaporator A Coil Cased Multipoise Painted

$ 1,750.00
Performance – Designed with performance in mind, this new A-coil offers low pressure drops to enhance system performance and airflow characteristics.
Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXV) – All Bryant coils have refrigerant-specific, factory-installed TXVs.
Durable Condensate Pans (2) – The corrosion-resistant drain pans, one for vertical applications and one for horizontal, are designed in a “fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester” material (FRTP) that offers unsurpassed pan strength. It is engineered with
proper slope in both pans to help ensure water drainage, improved moisture removal, and home comfort.
Refrigerant Connections – This coil is provided with industry proven sweat connections for leak-free operation to maintain system reliability. The side mounting tubing to the coil slabs allows for easy cleaning/servicing of the coils, as well as easy access to the TXV.
Burst Pressure – This coil meets or exceeds burst pressure of 2100 psi, which is at least three to five times the pressure it will see in actual application.
UV Knockouts – The cased coil also comes with factory-installed UV knockouts for quick and easy installation of UV lights.
Serviceability – This coil comes with a “split delta plate” for easy, quick access to the coil for service and cleaning. Also, after the door is removed, the coil is removable from the front of the unit without use of any tools.
Jun 08, 2023
United States
ZIP code
Green Leaf Air 1168 Commerce Dr Richardson, TX 75081
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