Czech Republic Tours From Prague – Where Should Be

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The Czech Republic is a beautiful country with so many different cultures and traditions. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay or want to explore the local culture, there are plenty of options available. We recommend staying in Prague because it’s so centrally located and has everything you need right at your fingertips! Here are some other tourist destinations that we think would make great additions to your trip:

This is one of the most popular questions that Prague Eventery gets from its clients. When they choose Prague as their destination, they want to know what other destinations they should consider visiting while they are in the Czech Republic. There are so many great destinations to choose from and it really depends on your interests and what you would like to see.

When you are planning your trip to the Czech Republic, there are many different destinations that could be considered from the suggestion of our DMC. Each of them has its own unique appeal and you should consider which one sounds like it would be best for you. A few examples include:

  • Prague – This is one of the most popular cities in Europe and one of our top recommendations because of its history, beauty, and culture. You can explore some of Europe’s most famous sites including St. Vitus Cathedral (which was built by King Charles IV) or take a walking tour through Old Town Square where artists like Jan Zrzavy live today! There’s also plenty to see within walking distance such as Charles Bridge with its lions on either side or Wenceslas Square where people gather every day during rush hour traffic jams!
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