Apple Flavoured Vodka- Enjoy the taste of crisp, g

£ 30.00

If you are looking for a unique and enjoyable way to enjoy the crisp, green apple taste - Reminisce Apple Flavoured Vodka is an excellent choice. Crafted using only the finest British potatoes, this vodka has been distilled 3 times to create its distinct flavor.  Apart from being incredibly delicious and smooth, Reminisce drinks can also be used in a number of exciting cocktails like the 'Apple Martini' or 'Apple Mule.' Exploring these amazing recipes with your special someone makes for some truly memorable evenings! Our meticulously crafted vodkas are free from impurities such as toxins or allergens that could otherwise harm people's health and well-being. That said – you can rest assured knowing that all of your favorite tipples remain safe while still packed full of flavor!  Overall – if you're looking for something extraordinary – try Reminisce Apple Flavoured Vodka today!

Feb 01, 2023
United Kingdom
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