Buy Avengers cards, Infinity War Trading Cards.

$ 539.00

The Marvel universe is full of our favourite superheroes. Whether it’s Hulk or Spiderman, Captain America, Thor or Iron Man, they all come together in the Marvel Universe. It’s a place for superheroes! Topps brings you Marvel Hero Attax 2021, getting you closer than ever to your favourite Marvel superheroes. Topps Marvel Hero Attax 2021 Avengers card game is an exciting trading card game based on the popular comic universe. The new Marvel Hero Attax 2021 Avengers playing cards feature your favourite superheroes from the Marvel universe. It consists of the latest assortment of character-based Marvel cards from the Avengers universe. Marvel Hero Attax 2021 Avengers playing cards are fun to collect and exciting to play.

Apr 14, 2022
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