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Himalayan Salt Bricks 8" x 4" x 2"


The Himalayan Salt bricks are an emerging salt product. It is a prominent Himalayan Salt Product. We mined Natural Rock Pink Salt and mold it. This process of crafting the Rock Salt gives us this product. The raw material comes from the beds of the Himalayas mountains by mining. Himalayan Salt Bricks are available in different shapes, and all these shapes are good for interior designing. But along its alluring look they are healthy, and illuminating substitutes for regular bricks. Which are used to D├ęcor the walls of your home and workplace nowadays and promote a healthy environment as well. You can install Himalayan Salt Bricks into your bedroom. You can make Himalayan Salt panels and kitchen slabs with these salt bricks. The trend of using these salt bricks in fireplaces, therapeutic salt chambers, yoga rooms, meditation spots, wellness centers, and others is amazingly increasing.
Himalayan Salt bricks require minimal care and are extremely resilient. The Himalayan Salt brick has a Length of 8 inches, 4 inches Width, and 2 inches Height. Due to its 2 inches thickness, it is mostly used for building purposes. Himalayan Salt Brick weighs 5.5 Pounds.

Sep 23, 2022
United States
Kansas City
ZIP code
919 Woodland Avenue
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