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ALDOLL Love Doll is a new trend in North America. Speaking of dolls, maybe you will first think of inflatable dolls. But that is the past tense. The most primitive dolls were invented by Dutch sailors of the seventeenth century who were isolated by the ocean during long-distance voyages. They found that it can meet their needs in some ways. Made from stitched fabrics or old clothes, these dolls are the direct precursors of today's Love dolls. Of course, with the advance of technology, they are getting closer to real people. In recent years, a group of manufacturers, led by the urdolls, have produced the latest dolls in live action. At present, the doll is very popular in North America and Europe.


Before buying your own doll. You should know some information about the new  Love dolls. Our website contains almost all types of real dolls. Asian dolls may be because of their attractive figure or those innocent smiles that make men long for love. Or maybe you want to be with an attractive Japanese love doll. It might even be your fantasy of anime in your teens. Here we will learn about the history of dolls, the current choices on the market and the various options when choosing a doll.


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Price : $699

Sep 14, 2022
Grand Est
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